Posted by: Editor | September 4, 2008

Tributes to Martyrs of Humanity


Brutality is redefined in an era marked by extremism. Afghanistan is one of those extremism- and barbarism-hit countries, plagued with the vicious “Jihad” by elements like Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Since the intensifying insurgency is soaring in Afghanistan, the forces of evil (Taliban), besides attacking coalition troops, have been targeting those innocent foreign aid workers who, despite knowing they will be decapitated if caught by the forces of evil, continue serving humanity in the war-ravaged country. The handful of primitive chimpanzees who have not evolved, have been targeting neutral foreign aid workers, who have nothing with politics and the presence of foreign troops. Attacks, abduction and decapitation of foreign aid workers have increased lately, as the forces of evil have regrouped. Just during the previous month, four foreign aid workers have been killed brutally.

Last month, three women NGO staffers of the New York-based International Rescue Committee were ambushed near Kabul. The bullet-ridden bodies of the Canadian, Irish and American women were found in their NGO-marked vehicle. Many bullets had torn across their bodies — the reward of their lifetime of sacrifice and service to humanity. Salute to the Martyrs of Humanity.

Nicole Dial, the American woman killed by Taliban.

Nicole Dial, the American aid worker killed by Taliban.


Nicole Dial, 30, was one of the victims. She had been working in different poverty-stricken countries across the world, ranging from Africa to Afghanistan. The humanity-loving, kindhearted lady had left her home on the other side of the globe to bring smiles on the face of war-ravaged people, but it was not long before she was gunned down.


Dr. Jackie Kirk was gunned down by Taliban

Dr. Jacqueline Kirk was gunned down by Taliban

Jacqueline Kirk, 40, from Canada, was the other victim. Dr. Kirk, a child specialist, had been serving in the most dangerous part of the lawless land since 2004. Her bravery is a paradigm of devotion to serve humanity.


The third woman was the 30-year Shirley Case. Similarly, the Canadian aid worker had been serving in the area for a number of years before she met the unfortunate fate.


Kazuya Ito was killed by Taliban.

Kazuya Ito was killed by Taliban.

Just a week later, Kazuya Ito, working for the Japan-based NGO, Peshwar-Kai, was kidnapped by the forces of evil near Jalalabad city. The body of the 31 year-old agricultural specialist was riddled with multiple bullets one day after he was abducted.

We pay special tributes to the martyrs of humanity, remembering them with bleeding hearts. May their family members and friends bear the tragedy with patience. We also demand from the coalition troops for longterm deployments in the insurgency-hit areas across Afghanistan to better combat the forces of evil in order to get rid of them permanently.



  1. All these potato heads (Talibans) don’t want development and progress. They have deep secrets which they don’t want to expose. That’s why they don’t like out siders. The talibs control everything with gunseven their house holds. This is the reason they are so against the freedom. We know the meaning of loss. We pray for all innocent lives lost just because of the Terrorists. They cause innocent live losts. They are the true responsible to all this Chaos every where around us.
    Message: To all powerful hands. Never be helpful to wrong otherwise you will be in the hands of the wrong one day. This is universal truth. If the time taken is short you are lucky and if you are in the hands of your own created monster after a long long period of time then you are gone.
    May God bless the souls of all innocents.

  2. Why do they work in these Pashtun places anyway? Ningarhar, Helmand, Khost, Paktia, Kandahar, and Logar. The Hazaristan is the safest place in Afghanistan. If they were interested in helping people, they would come to Jaghori, to Behsud, to Yakawlang, to Waras, and to Dara e Suf. The Hazara people will welcome you with both arms, we will cloth you, feed you, and protect you in exchange for your help. We won’t kill you, or burn down our children’s school, or suck you dry of your money and blood.

    But Kharzai has the international community’s ears…

  3. And they call this a Jihad. I bet they shouted Allah-o-Akbar before, during and after killing these unarmed humanitarians. What a shame! To all Taliban and Talib Lovers, are you proud of this? My condolences to all these brave men and women who gave their lives helping mankind without asking anything in return.

  4. Ali Khan Masoomi, the reason is they know after they built and left Taliban will come back and destroy everything in Hazarajat! Wrong? Another thing is, because we don’t raise our voices a lot and we are peaceful, no body looks at us. Like Mrs. Sorabi said once, to get their attention should we do some explosions or suicide bombings. She was right actually. The world is wrong.
    Jaah, the history is beeing written. And Hazaras have proven themselves a heavily peace loving nation. We have won many times. So be proud a thousand times and see in to the future.
    All the great emperors have invaded nations with lack of justice and unity. Today many foreign forces are in Afghanistan just to bring peace and justice. To do so many of them have lost their lives. Hazaras have faced so many hardships that if wholse the world becomes USA we can accept it’s existance. At least we would live in peace and study in universities and remain beside our love ones, not live a life of traveller. Well, lets see.
    The sittuation is not so good. We hope everything gets better and world become a peaceful place for all. May Allah give victory to peace loving and human loving nations. Best wishes.
    Powerful Shaman.

  5. har kasiki baraye mar dum khod khid mat mikunad
    manand sitaraye ast ki dar osman midarakhshad
    walaw yak kalamaye mofid gofta bashad

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