Posted by: Editor | August 31, 2008

Rohullah Nikpai receives Highest National Award from President Karzai

Rohullah Nikpai receiving National Award from President Karzai

Rohullah Nikpai receiving National Award from President Karzai. Photo courtesy: Pajhwak.

Kabul: The Olympian national hero, Rohullah Nikpai, received the country’s most prestigious civilian award, the Highest National Award of Afghanistan, from President Hamid Karzai.

In a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace in presence of United Nations Special Representative to Afghanistan, Kai Eide, Vice President Karim Khalili, Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta and other high-level ministers and officials, President Hamid Karzai conferred the Highest National Award of Afghanistan to the national hero, Rohullah Nikpai, who brought the first-ever medal to Afghanistan in the history of Olympics.

The President also awarded Afg200,000 to the female Hazara athlete, Rubina Muqimyar, and Afghanistan’s other contenders of the Beijing Olympics.

The Lower House had previously appreciated Rohullah for his historic win in the Beijing Olympics 2008. He was invited by the parliamentarians to the Parliament House. Upon his arrival, the MPs welcomed him by clapping. Speaker of the House Younas Qanooni greeted Rohullah on behalf of the MPs, saying, “The entire nation is proud of you.”

Some political analysts believe Karzai is paying special attention to Rohullah to earn Hazara votes in the upcoming presidential elections. Analysts also say Karzai’s generous awards to Rohullah is an attempt to divert attention from his mismanagement of the recent Behsud crisis.

Talking in this regard, a resident of Kabul, Khaliq, said, “Karzai gave the award to  wash his ruisiaghu of Behsud massacre, as Ashraf Ghani Ahmedzai [Kuchi Leader] was also present in the award ceremony.”

The Hazaras believe that the Karzai Administration has been supporting the armed Kuchis who invaded Behsud last month, killing about 20 Hazara villagers.

Rohullah is said to be the first Hazara youth to have received the Highest National Award of Afghanistan.

Photos Courtesy of Pajhwak.

President Karzai, Vice President Karim Khalili, UN representative, Kai Eide, Foriegn Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta, former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and others at the Awarding ceremony of Rohullah.

President Karzai, Vice President Karim Khalili, UN representative, Kai Eide, Foriegn Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta, former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and others attend the awards ceremony.

Hazara athlete Rubina receiving prize of 200,000 Afgs from President Karzai

Hazara athlete Rubina receives a prize of Afg200,000 from President Karzai. UN Envoy Kai Eide, Khalili, Spanta and others are also present at the ceremony.



  1. I threaten everybody, If you didn’t help me I will go to Russia. If Russia didn’t I will go to Britian. This is the way of ruling poor nation. Don’t go any where. Stay with USA. Because USA has seen the results of helping the wrong. I wish this time things will go right. Humanity may live all around the world.
    We must remember:
    I disagree with “BAD MAKES THE GOOD VALUABLE.” Why should we do bad while we are searching for good!! Wrong logic.

  2. here you go……….Naikpai…… will get all the awards……… keep it up.

  3. Weldone Nekpai & Weldone Miss Rubina. You are the resourse of Hazara people. We(Hazaras) are proud of our young generation.

  4. dear,i like educatin plz to help for my education

  5. hi dear rohullah nikpai we all pakistani hazaras proud of you hope you keeping it up !

  6. Sallam Brathera E aziz ,
    I Dont accept recieving any sort of reward from someone who has blood of my innocent brothers on his hands and recieving such reward from a pashtun(afghan) means legitmising them on our mother land …… at least a
    large number of intellectuals know about afghans and afghans life style just 300 years ago………………..which i cant say history even ……for natiions it take thousands of years and art and civilizations related………….
    At last my brother nakpai had a chance to be mard e maido shar azmo khaliqo ……..who could simply say” no i cant take any reward from your bloody hands” Have we forgot Daichopan, Urazgan, Afshar,Bamiyan, Mazar,……. if we …..may got destroy us coz we dont have the right to live and we are a burdan on our mother land whom we cant protect …. our mother is fedup of us…..and we after shit culture of india and west which is empty and not fitted for us …………
    I hope it would remain on this board…..

  7. Dear Dostan

    Lets say the truth Hazaras always have the pioneer in sport in Afghanistan nationally or internationally. Remember about Champion Pahlawan Ibrahim. Nasir Ali Jowali as they know. Pahlawan Najaf. Ali Dad from Ismaeli Hazara. Abdullah Panahzada……. Sher jan, Juma Khan.

    These are the people I know personally and more… In Karate Taekwondo, Judo,football,wightlefting. Even during the Taliban Pahlawan Ibrahim carried the Afghan Flag and other Hazaras.
    I believe Hazara must be like that because they had many empires and civilisation before. If we put aside the religion and discrimination then many empires belonged to us and we belong to them. Sultan Mahmood was not Pashton or Tajik. He was Turk . Ghorid, Koshanid ,Baburis,none of them were Dagha or Hagha!

    Unfortunatly we forgot our own history and they munipulated and showed us the wrong side of that.

    Hazaras who established Bamyan 2000 years ago knew and had a better civilisation than any other ethnic in Afghanistan. On that time they were riding their Camel and lived like Kuchis as they do today in Behsood and Nahoor ( Nawor).

    Unfortunatly with all massacre and discrimination Hazaras are loyal to their mother land and always bring honour and name for their country. This nation was a champion, is a champion and will be a champion. No one can stop Hazara to acheive their goals. Do you know why? Because they have the Turkish and Mongolian bloods in their veins. People should read the history.

    In the last 300 years history and power some how belong the Pashton. However, who was runnig the great empires and beloved Khorasan,Aryana before. Who was Ghaznavid,Ghorid,Koshanid………….?

    Long life Hazara and our relative ethnic along side other fellow citizen and humanbeing.

    Ahmad Australia

  8. This is too much surprised that we are hazara people of our own country.
    I wish I would be like these people .
    and so
    i give congratulation to all of them that received the awards from professional country’s

    Best Regards,
    Abdullah Nazari

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