Posted by: Editor | August 30, 2008

Sharif Watandost Wins ‘Khanda Bazaar’ to Become Comedian of the Year

Sharif Watandost becomes Comedian of the Year

Sharif Watandost becomes Comedian of the Year

Kabul: A Hazara Comedian, Sharif Watandost, became ‘Khanda Salaar’ of the Year in a comedy competition run by Tolo Tv, Afghanistan’s most watched TV channel.

Similar to Afghan Star, Khanda Bazaar, the competition, was based on SMS voting. After a tough competition with his final rival, Riaz Ahmad Sher, from Nangarhar, Sharif was able to convince the public and the judges through some of his best comedy skits to vote him Khanda Salaar.

Khanda Bazaar (‘laughter bazaar’) started last year, and visited all the provinces across the country to select aspiring comedians. The judges of Khanda Bazaar’s season two competition were the hosts of the Zang-e-Khatar program on Tolo TV.

Sharif Watandost, son of Muhammad, was born 1980. He is a baker (‘naan-bai’) from Behsud. Sharif now lives in Kabul.

Due to decades of war and financial problems, Sharif could not continue his studies after finishing fifth grade. Sharif is interested in acting in comedy movies.

Aria Production, a media production company, announced a reward of Afg.75,000 (approximately US$1,600) for Sharif.


  1. طعم موفقیت را افغانستان تازه می چشه و این شیرینی را ما به ارمغان آورده ایم
    هر چند نوبت بازی در این صحنه و ایفای نقش در این مجلس به دستمان دیر رسیده است ولی خیلی موفقتر عمل میکنیم
    خودمان می سازیم …آتش درون خانه هایمان را خودمان خاموش میکنیم
    هنوز هم کسایی هستند که باید روی صحنه بیایند و هم قطار اینها شوند و میدانم که موفقیت به جرات و لیاقت است نه به اکثریت
    و ما قدرت اقلیت را ثابت کرده ایم

  2. Excellent!!!

  3. Where can I see or read examples of his comedy?

  4. Steve:
    Unfortunately we don’t have his comedies online. He competed in a televised show. I could have translated some of those Dari jokes in here but, thought they won’t have the original sense in English as in Dari.

  5. salam sharif jan shuma iak comedian mufaiq keshwar asti man tashwiq namekunam man dar otrish zendagi mekunam barname inja ra ham mebinam magar shuma iak chizi degar astin shuma hunare khud ra be kamal rasandid ba ehteram

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  7. salam to all

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