Posted by: Editor | August 29, 2008

Forgotten History-makers of Olympics

Rubina, a Hazara athlete participated in Beijing Olympics 2008 and Athens 2004.

Rubina, a Hazara athlete participated in Beijing Olympics 2008 and Athens 2004.

Kabul: Rohullah Nikpai’s victory in Beijing drew all the buzz, somewhat obscuring the other history-making contenders of Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004 Olympics. In this post we present two Afghan athletes — two Hazara sportswomen —  who made their own history in the Olympics.

Rubina Muqimyar, born July 3, 1986, was the only female athlete on the Afghanistan Team participating in the Beijing Olympics. She is a second-time Olympian, her first time being Athens in 2004, where she got the 17th position in women’s 100m Sprint. She was the first woman in the history of Afghanistan to participate in an Olympic event.

Rubina at Beijing Olympics 2008

Rubina Muqimyar at the Beijing Olympics 2008

Rubina running in Women's 100m Beijing Olympics 2008

Rubina Muqimyar running in Women's 100m sprint at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, China.

Fariba, a Hazara athlete participated in Athens Olympics 2004

Fariba, a Hazara female athlete, participated in Athens Olympics in 2004

Fariba Rezayee, born September 3, 1985, was another female star who participated in the Judo event in Athens Olympics of 2004. Her family had left Afghanistan as refugees to Pakistan because of the subjugation of the Taliban era. She first started training as a boxer, but then focused on Judo. Fariba represented Afghanistan in Judo in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Together, Rubina Muqimyar and Fariba Rezayee are two history-making girls who have not only defied the odds of a repressive society, but also broken the centuries-old chains of ethnic persecution and deprivation. Our special tributes go to them.

Photos courtesy of Reuters , BBC


  1. well done

  2. I am so proud of these Hazara females. And hope that all Afghans are also proud. I know why she (Rubina) missed the first position. In the animal kingdom none of the female animals wear extra something to cover their heads. And during a sprint one must feel the air on his/her skull and neck, especially ears. I hope one day we all become perfect humans and females would not need any scarves for their safty.
    Hope Hazaras will bring a good change wherever they live. And also hope that soon Oil and Gas will be much much cheaper than human lives.
    My best regards.

    Powerful Shaman.

  3. قدیم ها گفته اند پشه چو پر شد زند پیل را

    زنجیر رسم و رواجهای ساختگی که جز به حقارت کشیدن زنها دیگر پیامی
    نداشت اکنون توسط همان توده زجر کشیده از هم پاره شده آزاد می شوند
    و من این آزادی را به همه هم جنس های خودم تبریک می گویم
    و هر آنکس در این موفقیت دست داشته است را از عمق قلبم تشکری میکنم

    موفق باشید و همیشه پیروز

  4. Awaiting the day when religious/tribal ignorance dies a merciless death, the day when we stop being more Arab than Arabs, the day when we stop shedding blood for Arabs and on Arab orders, the day when we become humans before becoming religious or tribal

  5. Well Said Gumnaam. Did you know there are more Muslims in other nations than Arab themselves! Isn’t it strange?

  6. All i would like to say is that indeed I these heros have mad us proud. we must not forget them we must make them remembered for as long as we can and we should bring up our forgotten heros also to live.

    God bless Hazara and hazaristan.

  7. Our women are our resourse and we(Hazaras) are proud of our women.
    Weldone, Good job, Afareen.

  8. We are proud of you

  9. i do appritiate the deeds your web is going towards for the sparkling futuer of the hazara nation we should remmember the torture of other people spcially pashtoons did on hazaras these memory can make us one thanks

  10. روبینا مقیم یار هزاره گی است؟

  11. با سلام
    از مدیر سایت و سایر دوستان می پرسم ایا واقعا روبینا هزاره است یانه؟ اگر بله کدام دلیل مشخص ذکر کنید. من فکر می کنم او هزاره نیست؟

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