Posted by: Editor | August 20, 2008

Rohullah Nikpai Wins First Ever Olympic Medal for Afghanistan

Hazara Star Rohullah Nikpai kisses his bronze medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008.

Hazara Star Rohullah Nikpai kisses his bronze medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008.

Kabul: A Hazara Taekwondo star, Rouhullah Nikpai, made history when he defeated a Spaniard to win bronze, the first medal in Afghanistan’s Olympic history.

Ruhullah defeated the two-time Taekwando world champion, Jaun Ramos, 4-1 in man’s 58kg category at the Beijing Olympics on Wednesday. His victory has elevated Afghanistan to 60th place in the rankings according to the total medals won.

Reports indicate that President Karzai personally spoke to Nikpai on the phone to congratulate him on his historic victory. Karzai’s spokesman announced that the president is going to award Nikpai and his family a house to live in.

Nikpai was born on June 15, 1987 in Tehran, Iran. He started his Taekwondo training under the tutelage of Ustad Humayoon Raza’ee when he was 10. Nikpai and his family returned to Kabul, Afghanistan after the collapse of the Taliban.

He has won numerous medals at the national and international levels, including medals in the South Asian Federation (SAF) Games. Nikpai was placed 2nd in World Taekwando Federation’s qualifying event last year in Vietnam. He defeated the 2006 European Champion, Leven Tuncat, of Germany.

At home in Kabul, Nikpai works as a barber during the day. He does bodybuilding and Taekwondo training in the mornings and evenings respectively.

Hazaristin Times congratulates the whole nation on Nikpais’ historic victory, and wishes him more success in the future.


  1. Mashallah great work. This person make us(Hazaras) around around the world. Hazaras are the greates people of Afghanistan.
    We wish Mr. Rohullah Nikpa good luck for his bright future amongst all Afghanistani sportsmen.
    Once again Rohullah jan you are our pride.

  2. Congratulations Rohullah Nikpai! His accomplisment makes you proud to be a human being.

  3. Ali Mughal from South Asia Partnership Pakistan. Thoroughly you are hero of Hazara Nation deliberately we proud on your success in hard-hitting competition in Beijing Olympic Aug 20, 2008. All Hazaras of Pakistan once again congratulate you on wining of bronze medal in the men’s taekwondo -58 kilogram class.

  4. Great!Great! Long live hazara,long live Rohullah Nikpa! Who is the great nation and who stand as Afghani in the world,now all Afghanistan and all world know that hazara is the great nation.

  5. Great work!
    your country and your people proud on you.

  6. Well done …..bachuu…u r the best..

  7. Rohullah……………….! beshak bachem….chismi thura sadqa…bachey watan…..

  8. Hurrraaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Congrates to every one and Rohullah ;

    Wish him a bright future!

  9. good on you Rohullah you have raised our head among the people of afghanistan and the world.

    keep it up

    khuda to ra taraqi bidya.


  10. We are proud of your magnificent achievement. Well done !

    Take my bow !

  11. Congratulations Dear Brothers and Sisters for Rohulla’s great achievement. Our sincere commitment is our flawless victory. Let all of us work hard. Start from home and spread all around. Hardwork never fails us.
    Rohullah many Salams on you. You have muscles of kablo/kaplan, means jaguar. Blessing on all of us.

  12. Congratulaions……….Rohullah you made all of us SARBULLAND……..You are the pride of our hard working nation.
    I agree with Shaman …only our hard work can guaranty our prosprous future.

  13. We all have a new hero and Rohullah you are it! It is my prediction that Rohullah’s great accomplishment will open the doors for our younger generation. This might be a first Olympic medal for a Hazara but it won’t be the last. The lesson we all should learn from this is that it is not enough for us Hazaras to work just as hard as the other great nations rather we must work harder than anybody else! Congratulations Rohullah, JOB WELL DONE!

  14. Salam Mr Rohullah bache Hazara afarin qawmara sar boland sakhti we are the great nation and educated people in Afghanistan.well done keep up and never give up. u made ur self ur family friendS, ur Nation and ur Coutry VERY SARBOLAND…UR NAME HAS BEEN WRIITEN IN THE HISTORY OF AFGHANISTAN AND YOU R THE BEST…..FROM UK,LINCOLN

  15. salam Hazaristan!
    We are proud of you, and proud of your son!

  16. Sima Samar was the first woman in Afghanistan history to held such a high postion. Habiba Surabi is the first woman governer in the history of Afghanistan. Friba Razayee was the first woman in the history of Afghanitan to compete in Olympics. Shekeb Hamdard is the frist Aghan Idol. and Nikpai is scored the first Olympic medal for Afghanistan. i believe there is fact in Afghan society that is coming out, and that is the talent, ability and courage that the Hazaras of Afghanistan have. congrats Nikpai. you are a man for not just Hazaras but Afghans to be proud of.

  17. This is actually an online celebration from all our brothers for the glorious victory of Hazara in Afghanistan. It make higher our pride among our other Afghani friends. Our talent and hardworking is accepted by all other fellow nations but hope we enhence our individual victory to social and political victory so a day will come that all of us would have this victory in politics and development and win the most worthful middle for our nation and so that we all could be able to reserve our ligal right in Afghanistan. Thenafter we could provide the room for improvment to the farthest region of Hazarajat.

    May Allah help all of us to have a WILL to make that happen.

    Mubarak basha bara e tamam

  18. great work Mr rohullah you are a symbol of proudness for all the hazaras and whole the afghan nation. i wish my other brothers also come forward and show there talent to the world.

    good luck

    zinda bad hazaristan

  19. Mubarak birar e dam
    tamami qaum ra muarak bad

  20. TO Karzai::::::—–Mr president mr killer!
    If you did not send your Taliban to kill all those young children, they would also bring medal for afghanistan one day, i assure you that they would not bomb some where and kill innocent people, do you know that this boy is from the same Behsood district where your so called kochies killed so many of our dear people. every one of them were one Rohulla every one of them were a hero.
    Rohullah my dear brother our hero our champion, we were proud you made us even more prouder in made effort and changed the image of Afghanistan in the world.
    yeah you are Hazara and all Hazaras all Afghanistanis, All people around the world are proud of you.
    wish you best of luck in the future.
    your aaghay

  21. Interesting additional news in Wikipedia:

    After hearing the news of Nipai’s victory, Afghans in the southern city of Kandahar were filled with joy. “Tell Nikpai we all love him,” Said Suleman Hashemi, a young athlete, in Kandahar stadium. Another tribal leader in Kandahar, Mr. Aloko, praised Nipai for raising the name of Afghans. “He is a gem that shines bright,” He said. Reports from rural Kandahar suggest that even the Taliban joined the feast of Nipai’s historical victory by firing gun shots into the open sky in Panjwai district, and in some areas of Helmand province.

  22. Today morning Rohullah appeared on BBC News broadcast in morning. I found him very mature in talking with BBC spokes person in Dari but his tranlator was not translating his exact message and I don’t know why?. He was saying ” I’m proud of being poineer winner of bronz middle in Afghanistan and it has a message of peace for my country”. He was also saying that all my country fellow without considering of language and race was very happy and celebrating the success and it convey a message of peace in our coutnry…….

    Peace to you, Rohullah

  23. congratulations ,well done man u did the greatest job we r all proud of u . just keep it up and wish u a good luck for future. congratulations once again.

  24. My dear nice Rohullah,
    Hope you fine there, really it is so wonderful news for the whole Hazara around the world. You are the star for Afghanistan etc. Always shine like a star in the field of Sports/Education.
    May almighty Allah keep on your steps towards success in each field of success.

    S. Asmatullah Abid
    Central Daikundi Afghanistan

  25. u r the best

  26. we that a hazara boy get the bronze medal of olympic we proud on him when I watched his match belive me that I was crying

  27. i would like to congratulate Rohullah fo his achievement and hope that he will get even a better one in the nest Olympic.

    long Live HAZARA and its people,long Live HAZARA and its people,long Live HAZARA and its people,long Live HAZARA and its people,long Live HAZARA and its people,long Live HAZARA and its people

  28. i just want to ask dat from where means which hazara is he??….i mean to say jaghuri or something else??…..just contact me on my id…plzz any one who knows dis??….from which walayat is he??….

  29. Good work rohulla but i know another guy from sweden who also is afghan and i think afghanistan should take him on the olympic place because that guy is really good i think he’s name is Milad.

  30. ruohullah jan der sha .ta zmoz da tolo afghanano sar pa fakhar ra lwar kai mobarak di sa .zwandai ose

  31. congratulations
    gurur duyoruz.
    haytında hep mutlu ol.
    afghanistan’ın sana ihtiyaci
    var.Teşekürler kendini göster
    diğin için.we proud for you

  32. great …. a young boy an individual the proud of whole nation proud of hazaras and afghanistan . that is attitude … he is tigerrrrrr .. love uuuuuuuuu Rohullah

  33. سلام دوست
    بسیار زیبا و ب داری امید است که جور و تیار باشی
    اما خانواده همه جور و تیار باشید
    خدا را شکر که این طور پسر مانده است
    اما افسوس که انگلیسی نوشته کردی

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