Posted by: Editor | August 15, 2008

Behsud Beyond the Evil

Kabul: Reports confirm Kuchi invaders have evacuated Behsud District after killing 23 and injuring 9 vulnerable villagers, burning down four clinics, 35 schools, hundreds of houses and ruining crops and pastures. Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has confirmed the death and burning statistics. People are getting back to their gutted homes gradually amid a psychic of fear. Thousands of families are still stranded in in Kabul. Most of the displaced people are in dire need of food, shelter and other assistance.

On the other hand, Naeem Zoi, a parliamentarian and Kuchi leader, while talking to Daily 8am, has said, “We left Behsud earlier than our routine annual span. We hope the Government would resolve the issue and we would be allowed to enter Behsud and other Central Areas next year.” The order by Karzai asking Kuchi nomads to evacuate Behsud is unclear about the permanent resolution to this issue; it does not speak about whether the Kuchis would again invade the area next year, or if the Government will disarm them before that.

AIHRC states it had suggested a permanent resolution to the Kuchi issue last year, but due to the lack of interest from the Government, no action has been taken yet in this regard.

It appears as though the Government intentionally avoids disarming and permanently settling the Kuchis.


  1. Death to occupiers (Kochis) on Behsud district.
    God bless my dear Qauma in every where.

  2. So they are coming back next year, do we have to prepare ourselves or we prepare to fail as we did this year? what is the exact solution?! do we have to look at it as natural cause or as AFGHAN MILLAT Party made cause? in fact we should certainly look at it as a Afghan Millat Party made cause, and we should rout out what they want with this barbaric actions on our impotently vulnerable people? dear Qowma please just think about it we have a year of time. so we should not give them the chance to go and rearm themselves with the help of so called National Army and come back again for massacre of our children. He was right the Greatest Man of our history was right, the Father of our Nation was right,,,, did any one remember the speech that this great man of all times Mazari buzurg made and told us ” be wise this is the golden opportunity for you all to take advantage from if you miss this opportunity again you go back to the era of abdurahman in 1890″ we miss you Baba we did not listen to those golden words of you, we started to divide ourselves as much as we could. and exactly we have gone back to that era, We miss you

  3. Zainab Shirin wel said, a very wel said.
    One thing i say ” Lets bless on our self”.

  4. All Hazaras (Sunni Shia Ismailis),Turkmen , Ozbek must know that neither of them can survive alone. Let us not be divided on the basis of religion any more. We must be powerful if we want peace with Pashtuns and Tajiks.
    No Shia from Arabs, Iran, Tajiks or Pashtuns can be your friend but your own blood. It is proven so many times. So wake up please.
    United TURK-MONGOL must be our aim. Try and see it yourself.
    Best wishes.
    Powerful Shaman.

  5. I agree with Zainab that the Kuchies will be back next year and the year after just like they have been doing for the past 100 years or so. The question is what are we going to do? I think solution given by Shaman is the answer to this question: To have peace with Pashtuns we must work as a cohesive unit, ONE HAZARA! Once there is balance of power then we shall have peace!

  6. PEACE KEEPERS please do the following:

    DISARM the kuchis the same way HAZARAJAT was disarmed.

    Injustice not only claim Hazara lives but the rest of the world’s human lives. So respect Hazaras please. We want peace.

  7. It is very strange to follow a King’s order who himself was so brutal to Hazaras. Kuchis say they have Emir’s orders from the past which permits them to graze on Hazara lands!!! Can some one ask kuchis, why Hazaras should accept a Tyrant and murdar king’s orders. We have lost Uruzgan already just because of the Tyrant Abdur Rahman. If they say we are kifirs, we are kafirs. In the past the same Kafirs (British) had helped the Pashtun king, giving them arms and cannons. So we are also the same kafirs.
    We don’t accept any Tyrant Kings papers. No one can. A kuchi if accepts the orders is the same Tyrant like the murdar King. And if the Hazara Sardars (elders or leaders) accept it, they are the same Kuchi and same king.
    This is not logical, not acceptable to obey such King’s orders. Please convey this message to any one possible.

  8. It would be foolish of us Hazaras, if we do not prepare and defend our brethren from next year’s Kuchi invasion of Behsud. This will be possible if we sttart working from today and not waste a moment. This has to be a multi-pronged strategy:
    1) Press our leaders to pressurize the central government to take tangible steps fora permanent solution. Kuchis should be given other Pashtun lands for grazing purposes and not Hazara lands. If the Kuchis’s are given to Hazara lands then Kuchis should be taxed and the financial gain should go to locals of Behsud.

    2) The Turko-Mongol alliance (Hazara-Uzbek-Turk) has to be made a reality at all costs if we plan on surviving and thriving in Afghanistan. This is a must for our future generations. The Hazara elders should start working on this to make it a formidable bloc to counter the Central Governments (Pushtuns) biased attitude and delayed reaction to the massacres on ground.

    3) Hazaras have a huge diaspora in Western countries, Iran and Pakistan. Can anyone look into the idea of making a Global Hazara Organization…something on the lines of World Memon Organization. We can contribute financially so that our poor brethren can be helped in instances like the Behsud massacre. For e.g i am outside Afghanistan and would love to help people in Behsud…how and where can i contribute? which will ensure that the help will reach Behsud?

    4) We should enhance our ties with welfare nations like Japan, Scandinavian countries etc. which will ensure that we have a global voice and backing in terms of Political authority and financial support for the Turko-Mongol nation.

    I have gone through others comments and ideas and all i can say is that we are a bright and talented nation and full of ideas…what we are missing currently is a mechanism through which we can realize our dreams for the prosperity of our nation…we need leaders who talk less and work more…i hope we can realize our dreams one day.

  9. I’m sorry. How about you guys go home back to Mongol land. Honestly speaking, i’m myself besud mongolian. It is time to finish all this suffer. Mongol land will be waiting for you. We have enough land.

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