Posted by: Editor | August 9, 2008

Hazaras in Australia–Change we would like to believe in

By:  A Contributor from Australia

Sydney: Writing out another Bible may be challenging but with all its qualifications Australia’s Hazara Community are more than just a match for playing the role of the ancient Isrealites. Without a future vision, a sense of direction, long term financial and economic planning, any non-egoistic responsibility, any consciousness or care; the community is afloat on the tides of the time, obedient and under its mercy.

To visualize an even simpler picture, imagine time travelers for the medieval times visiting 21st Century societies or even imagine lifelong inmates suddenly returned back into civilization. I can only hope that these would give you an idea of psychological, ideological and physical desperation and exhaustion the Hazaras in Australia suffer from, 99 percent of them at least!

Be it on the streets of Auburn in Western Sydney or the markets of Dendenong in Melbourne, there are grim reminders of pre-Eid shopping rushes of the past as Naswaris spit out riches, Hajis count their dollars, Zawaris sell their “holy soil”, teenagers try gangster sunglasses, poses, haircuts and gangster language; women run for their lives from the fear of being seen in the street, girls try the latest weightless technology, Martiko discuss the prospect of getting a or another wife, Moisafeeds boast about the value of the houses and cars being purchased by their relatives–all these at the heart of a first world country. You might also spot about a few new arrivals who, obvious by their non-local fashion and oily hair, have no clue as what in Neptune’s name is going on these streets. They are confused, scarred and punching themselves that this it isn’t just another of those dreams. Careful search can lead you to people who still continue the historic tradition of going door to door pleading for mercy and money in a distinct Hazaragi accent–you know who i am talking about. Once inside their new prison wards also known as homes, women either continue their never ending whining on how much they miss the bygone days or resort to watching another of those old age Hindi movies to forget their worries for the evening. Being cooks, servants, prisoners and baby producing machines, are of course, no issue anymore; they are so used to it.

Imagine many of these talk shows coming in one of those ten times a week Mehmaanis. Yes, they do get together on more than regular basis. Now these parties are what i call the ideal mix of spice, similar to long hours of nonstop pointless idiotic chattering on Bakul Stop. Mullahs head these gatherings and forward their agendas on the benefits of Hajj, starvation and Khoms, tales of Arab warfare, the righteousness of people on their side, the Sawabs of keeping girls indoors, the countless faults of the society they have willfully chosen to live in, the supposed moral inferiority of the West, the supposed superiority of their religion over the religion of the host country and other tasteless works of fiction revolving around the idea that Hazaras owe all their history, tradition and culture to the Arab World. They “RESPECTED” the Buddhas of Bamiyan so long as every one looks at their posters and no talks about them or any way relates back to them. By all means these sermons endeavor to follow a carefully selected and little understood path that has been rehearsed a million times in my every own lifetime. The Sirchandaas and Rishsafeeds nod their heads with agreement followed by a quick “Balay, Balay”. And the common men put their heads down, sit motionless and listen to the Haji Agha without uttering a word or using a single brain cell.

Upon descending on their rest houses, the nobles report to their Sirchanda and discuss the strategies to catch up with the opposite Chanda or Taayefa in terms of size, Mehmaanis and money. This is followed by the swift calculation of the amount they will be paid in unemployment welfare plus the income from their secret, tax-free jobs. Plans are then set out as to where they will do their next shopping for the latest model of clothes and accessories. A few burps later they remember the fact that they have not paid the fat, rich Mullah for a month and for the grace of Neptune and a Khana in paradise, they and their Qaum should contribute and help the Haji Agha or Sayeds get fatter, lazier and richer. Hazaras are “spending”  over 1 Million Australian Dollars on the construction of a mosque while the 20000 displaced people of Behsud sleep without shelter and those in Darra e Sauf starve to death. Of considerable importance in these commitments  is the social orientation of these people towards a Quettagi, Watani, Irani or Syrian community. Next comes a sound sleep without a single thing to worry about. Obviously, if you are not paying attention you won’t have a worry.

This is a typical afternoon in the life of the typical Hazaras in Australia. It is worth mentioning that you will find many not so typical but stereotypes are certain to remain the majority for the foreseeable future, most of whom still mock each other for having lived in Iran, Pakistan or Syria.

It is sad but it is true. The social underdogs of Pakistani and Afghan societies are once again hell bent on becoming the underdogs of the society down here. It is not the lack of academic literacy that seems to be the problem but ignorance and idiosyncrasy of the masses, the fact that most these Hazaras have never been through war and serious subjugation but in their days make up the better-off economic class of the suburbs they came from. Furthermore the sheer scale of this “problem” is dire and denies the poverty stricken people back in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the much needed helping hand. Many in the community are aware of it but either are powerless by the donkey and Einstein principle or have turned a blind eye out of frustration and choice. Those with people skills are busy expanding their Taayefa Bazi or spreading religious ignorance. And the few others are too busy supporting their families and relatives back in Afghanistan and Pakistan to worry about any of that. The few accessible social evens are spent digging up old graves, rivaling over who can come up with the biggest feast, spending time and energy crying over  Arabian folk tales, celebrating warlords and Hazara Islamists. In the midst of all these it is fascinating to see males and females deflect towards the opposite ends of the venue as if they were  like poles of two magnet bars.

Anyways, if you have your hopes tied up on with the performance of the diaspora down here, you had better be less hopeful as the actions down here won’t yield the results that could fulfill your and our immediate and less immediate needs. If you expect the Hazara diaspora to repeat the post World War II success story of the Jewish immigrants, you might have to wait longer that you or we, as people, could afford to.

To end it all on a positive note, let’s all understand that if we can’t afford to be disappointed, we can all afford to be responsible individuals was CAN at least, every now and then, give this struggling engine of ours a good push.


  1. What you have written is ABSOLUTELY correct! I agree with each word of you!
    These things were disappointing me when I was in quetta because money was pouring from abroad and people in Quetta could not miss a songle chance not to show off their $$$$ !
    Human Business ( selling girls) ; Haaji ( gaining position with religion help) ; Mehmanis ( competition who cooks 100 kinds of dish) and many other things that were/are kind of becoming as usual Tradition- another wrong custom- are getting include to our present-crippling culture!
    I see Auburn similar to Quetta ! Same Mehmanis, Same Hajis , Same kamar-barek girls , same chain-hair style-jeans boys; Every thing just look alike !

    There is so much to say !!!!

  2. Well written.
    and agree wid Azada.

    Zinda Bashin Nou Jawana.

  3. This person whoever he/she is, deserves a salute. The reason of this curse is that these Hazaras have forgotten thier Values. They have forgotten that education, simple life style, self confidence and reliance are the values they must have not the marathon of showing off $$$.
    Don’t Show Off. Let people see you, not your money. This is a CURSE. Spend your money here not there. Haj, Mosque is good, you would think you are rescued. But you are not. You have your needy Hazaras. Save one Hazara, you would be having built a thousand mosques. Shame for us to have such marathon in the time when Hazaras face so many challanges. Wake up Time Hazaras Please.
    If Hazaras, Aimaks (Sunni Hazaras), Ismaili Hazaras, Ozbeks and Turkmens united we are saved. Otherwise no one is safe. Work for this Unity. You are told today.

    • I live in UK and cant believe that BBC dont tell the truth about the Hazara population. BBC also lied about Iraq war… BBCs news should not be listened and trusted as they are a big liers. I would rather listen to Algezira or CNN than the dishonest news of BBC.

  4. Hazaras raise your selves. SELF is important. World is not a justful place. You will see injsutice among your own community sometimes. But let no one do Injust to your community. Today I am raising against one of many: Read and judge me if I am wrong.

    UK, the British will always support the one who are dumb, idiot and easy to steer. This is the fact. They help them because the one they help can be cheated easily. History has the proof. Helping arabs against TURKS. Helping pashtuns against Mongol Hazaras. And from the past till this day decisively try to show Pashtuns the group who are true owners of the Afghanistan. And they are the one who want Afghan government sit on the table with Taliban for talks! Hey, what makes you do this? You couldn’t rule like the Great Mongol Emperror! Isn’t this the only ache in your hearts? Be a little justful. Hazaras, Aimaks, Turkman and Ozbeks and all Turk nation share the same homeland Mongolia. We are Altaic. The only thing separate Mongols from Turks is religion. And that’s not a big deal. Our blood is same.
    Now why I am angry? Your BBC never posted my comments. Your BBC never increased the percentage of Hazaras population on the maps while on the other hand other media resources said Hazaras are 20%. And BBC to this day is persistant that Hazaras are 9%. Why do you separate us from Aimaks? When we, Hazaras travel through Ozbekistan, Kazakhistan,Turkey, Turkmanistan, Mongolia they all say we are one, so why the rest of the world sees us different? Don’t worry, we are not any threat. We are the one who know the value of unity and peace. The world has to learn too much from us.

  5. I agree with Azada,s comments except for KAMAR BARIK GIRLS………LOL..
    Guys I am really learning alot whenever I come to this webpage. Salute for the moderator.

  6. It may seem as if we are all being a little tough on our sisters and brothers in Australia. The reallity is that we love them and we care. I know of many Hazara communities in different parts of the world and they all have their flaws. However, to thrive we must be able to criticiz oursleves and we should not be ashamed of it. As new immirgrants the Hazara community in Australia will go through ups and downs but I am confident that one day they will be the leading voice for Hazara nation all over the world. Thanks to the author of the article and everyone else for their comments, especially Shaman.

  7. all these said in this writing is correct. but what is the solution?

    I think if we expect our people to become western in ten years, we are going to disappoint ourselves. changing a society’s atitude takes a very long time. we are talking about changes in social orientation towards life, self, identitiy, religion and … .

    I think the writer is super-negative in here. he obviously has a tunnel vision. he cannot see thousands of kids who are being educated in a world class education system. thousands more are being educated back home by the remittance coming from Australia. it will be realy unfair to judge a soceity’s changes through the actions and life style of olds and naswaris.

    celebrating our warlords is not so bad as he has described. those warlords were that the explosion of questions of identity and status occured.

    the writer has fallen without noticing himself, in the same ditch that a normal hazara usualy falls. that is the black and white vision. he is too pure sitting on top of the clouds judging real people underneath him on the real ground ! the result of such a looking down at your society is going to be always a lonely lunatic with a head full of unreal big ideas like Babrak karmal, Kishtmand or Mullah hai Qumi.

    come down among your people. sit down and have a Piala Chai with them. listen and talk to them. find their way of doing things and then try a change with them. don’t whipe them as sheeps as you will get reaction with Shaakh !

    you have a very good English but remember that we has so many Shaeer e Moft Khor in our own language as well.

  8. Dear Jaah and rest of the friends here, we must be thankful for some changes among Hazaras. Of course we must criticize our flaws. This is so important. But as Rahaa said what is the solution. Solution greatly lies among the elders of Hazaras. The problem is our elders in the Hazara community as majority have lived a life full of hardships. They tried their best to find a place for their youngsters. Now the new generation must produce elders who could guide their youngsters in a proper direction (Future). Hazara lives are full of challanges. But most of our youths don’t work hard enough. This is the reality. We need Hazara scholars, scientists, inventors, doctors of high level who could work on genetic engineering and so many other firlds. Some one crticiezed Hazaras in Western countries for having all rights and freedom but not doing enough. I agree with it. We must find some way to access those Western Hazara communities in some ways and convey our fears on Hazara youths carelessness in Western countries. Some one must guide our elders. Instead of going to Haj every year or Ziyarets they can spend that money on educating their youngsters. All this needs sincere work. And if we can’t do it practically, we can at least talk about it in all our meetings. The second thing we must think about is to educate our females. They must avoid competition of dresses and jewelley or household stuff. We need educated mothers. Who could guide us live an educated simple life, With the wealth of knowledge. Higher levels of thoughts and ideas are required. We must behave moderate within ourselves and with other communities. This is called depending on your selves without showing off. We must be moderate. I am not seeing us from heights. I am on the ground Rahaa 🙂
    Note: We don’t want all the world to become Hazara 🙂 Only we want us to be a helpful nation. Hazaras love to help and share. We must be given a chance and not to be robbed of our rights.
    I wanted to convey my ideas.
    Thank you .

  9. Dear Rahaa Hazara,

    It is good to be optimistic all the time but many people rely on optimism when they feel weak and to ignore the reality is to hide under the umbrella of optimism !

    What is written in Article is absolutely right and you agree with that and in fact you have raised the quesiton of SOLUTION? It means to some extent it does concern you too ;

    When you go to shop and try to buy something , you consider the quality, standard, use of the product and you purchase the one with best things it has. When negatives of a product worries you ; then you ask questions from the supplier. You just can’ be optimism in this case to ignore the bad things of product and purchase it just because it has got a little of positive things in it!

    Same in Society, When the negatives increases we got no option but to raise questions and find out the damages and if possible the SOLUTIONS!

  10. I am getting confused after reading these very heated views. Are we trying to produce a westenised branch of our youth and totally forget the religion? is this our parameter of THARAQI? OR we should try to get a balancce between religion and the DUNIYA. I am getting this impression because few of the comments are very sensitive about religion and the religious people. Can we not speak in more constructive way without accusing and blaming our elders and their RITUALS. Remember they are our fathers, they have gone through bad times to get us food, shelter and education. I feel pitty for those who very easily criticize our elders. What is benefit of this education if we think our elders are IDIOTS………..

  11. may be many people think worst against Hazaras but fact lies in the pages of history that Hazaras were and are still the part of the same carier which still carries the load of sucess , hardwork ,huminity and respect thus proff lies every where if you any one see the cumunity of Hazaras any where in the world .
    Only thing that matters is eye 1 sees with nice sight while others get jalous
    thanks ……………… sky

  12. Hello, Every body. why ru ppl so jealousing of quetta ppl. just let them be

  13. hahah…mogya ki “kaj beshi vali rost bogi” …hehehe…

  14. salam to all hazara mangol,some of u taling about religon and some about nationlizam,i agree with all of u,but lets talk about facts have a look to other nation and look at our selfs,why we r strong as person but week as nation,and other people r strong as person and as a nation,they reason i belive is that we dont have a balance in our religion and our natiolizam we r musliam,and we r hazara mongol,but hazarajat our home shold be our first piroity,becaz we have hazarajat, we can be very proud musliam and hazara mngol,but if we dont have hazarajat we dont have any thing,as we say in hazaragi u dont have donkey u dont worth donkey,we have made big sacrifice for religon and for our natnalizam,but we dont get they reselt that we waiting for,why bcaz when we fight for our religon nationalizam dont help and when we fight for nanalizam beliver dont help,during time of abdulrahman khan we been divided in religon and nationalizam,and we make same mistake during time of taliban agian divided in religon and natnalizam,and we paid very high price,why,i belive caz we dont have balance in this 2,bcaz we dont understand that with hazarajat this 2 means nating,we should focas and unite our self in name of hazarajat in name of our home,if we have home we have religon and we can be very good hazara mongol in hazarajat why we wasting our energy to defet eachother,while we have anemy all over,lets stay focas to devolep our home wher we have value,look around u to other natoin,they always unite,pashtun have shia and sunie,but there home come first thets why u got kcochi in ur home,blame ur self not kochis bcaz they r in basud they r fighting for there home to make it biger,it is our own fault,look at tajik thery have sunie and shia, but ther home come first,and thery always attak us,befor we fall in love in with religon or natonalizam, u should reilise this two thing in place to live and they place is hazarajat,dont repeat they history agian and agian,we have fight for bouth not one time but two time,what is they result, nathing,lets change they history learn from our history,stand up for ur home lets put our home first wher we can be anything we want,but now no one value our religon and hazaragi.bcaz we dont have home,we r mongol we all they mongol tribe have home, uzbak have uzbakistan, turkaman have turkmanistan,turk have turky, and we have no home why,all of these have shia and sunie, and they r turkman, turk and uzbak,but all of them have home bcaz they have value there home,they have home, we been buzy in all those thing that with home they mean nathing,we always blame our polititions and mullas,no it is our own fault, as our fourfather have said that public power is god power, if all of us defant our home no one can invate us,and we can be very nice musliam and hazara mongol.let make change,bye,

  15. سيصدو پنجاه تن مرد و زن و پسر و دختری که فرهاد خان کرنيل، از مردم طغايی بوغا، وغيره مردم جاغوری اسير و دستگير کرده در غزنين فرستاده بود، حکمران آنجا بکابل فرستاد. مردان شان همه بقتل رسيدند و زنان و دختران و پسران شان از بيست تا بيست و يک روپيه بنام کنيزی و غلامی به امر امير عبدالرحمان خان فروخته شدند. پول حاصله از فروش آنها و اسرای بعدی به مصرف دولت رسيد
    This article was taken from or Kateb Hazra history section

  16. salam to all,
    i agree to averyone all above they says there openian,but hv little to say that(NA DIDA RA ROZ NADA,,PAI CHUK CHUK RA MOZA)……………….\”
    I HOPE NO ONE MIND OF ME ,,,,,broken english but i try,,,,,hazara lets try in avery thing
    thanx boys

  17. Indeed, it is true to a greater extent that most of the new immigrants and settlers immerse and assimilate in the apparently attractive and satisfactory colors and glamor, darkness and evils of the very diverse western societies and will most surely lose their cultural identity, fundamentals of their belief and moral values if they don’t form a community and regularly contribute their part in the growth, welfare and prosperity of their ethnic community and unity. of course, HAZARAS are not exception in this regard. Undoubtedly, financial stability and better health and security may cause lots of fleeting ideas and even pave the way for silly steps and strange actions but over the passage of time, things will get normal and better if the energetic educated and enlightened youth with the valuable ideas and suggestions of the age long experienced folks, set up social organization, community clubs, periodic education and sports events and programs for the awareness of the children and young generation in the Western societies, especially in AUSTRALIA and EUROPE.
    For the preservation of Hazaragi Cultural values and traditions, ethnicity identity and belief, protection of their social and all legal rights, all the individuals need to realize their responsibilities and play their part regularly for a better, healthier, fairer and safer Hazara Community. May Allah help you and us all in this regard.

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