Posted by: Editor | August 5, 2008

Fateha of Behsud Martyrs in London, protest in Italy

Refugees in England offering Fateha for the departed souls of Behsud martyrs killed by Kuchi invaders. (Photo Courtesy NOMA)

Refugees in England offering Fateha for the departed souls of Behsud martyrs killed by Kuchi invaders. (Photo Courtesy NOMA)

Kabul: Fateha and prayer procession for the 20 Behsud villagers martyred by Kuchis was held in London. A large number of refugees in England gathered to pay tributes to the innocent lives gunned down by the Kuchis.

The speakers, at the end of the Fateha, expressed their condolence to the bereaved families of martyrs and sought help for the 20,000 displaced villagers. They strongly condemned the Karzai Government for his ethnocentrism, and for not taking no action against the Kuchi brutality. They said Nomadism has been used as a political tactic by different governments, dating from Abdul Rahman’s 19th century era till the Karzai administration.

The speakers further said that Kuchi brutality killed 12 persons in Behsud the year before. Its recurrence this year, they said, may signal a repetition in the future. Some fascist elements in the Government and Cabinet are backing Kuchi invaders who are actually camouflaged Taliban fighters, they said.

The speakers included Tahir Sharaan, Dr. Lailuma, Engineer Hasan Taib Kishtmand, Rajabi and others.

Meanwhile, a demonstration against the Kuchi barbarism in Behsud is planned in the coming days by Hazara refugees in Rome, Italy.

London Report Courtesy NOMA


  1. Dear Hazara Nation
    Asalam o alikum ,
    I want to put some information that Hazara nation were killed in Afghanistan by the kuchi pashtun terrorest, so it is not possible that the kuchi who arrived in the hazara belt , they were with modren guns and arms , so i can’t accept it that they were kuchi , because the kuchi never had these kind of modren arms , they are the terrorest . And today the world had accepted the pashtun as the terrorest . either they are in afghanistan , in pakistan or any where but they are the hidden terrorest . and all the nation of the world are know very well , Today Al Qaida . Tabliban are the example of them .

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