Posted by: Editor | August 2, 2008

Dr. Latif Pedram Vs. Fascism

Opinion Piece

Kuchi invasion story is off-the-screen now and the political arena here in Kabul is echoed with the story of Dr. Latif Pedram, Chief of the Congara-e-Milli (National Congress) party. The issue was publicized when an audio recording was first aired on Shamshad TV, known for its apparent affinity toward the Pashtun demographic. The Channel’s criticism of Dr. Pedram, for disrespecting Amanullah Khan raised concerns. This started hot editorial crossfires among the press and in the Parliament and Cabinet. Even parliament echoed with ethnic conflicts when ethnic blocks were identified supporting and criticizing Dr. Latif Pedram. Parliamentarians abused each other during the discussions.

The audio clip, allegedly a recording of Pedram’s comments, was played again and again on channels, particularly Shamshad TV causing to deepen and fuel  ethnic conflicts. Following these supporters of Afghan Mellat Party, known for being a pro-Pashtun party, protested in Kabul on July 26, demanding Dr. Pedram’s execution on the grounds of “disrespecting” a former “national hero”. They also demanded a ban on his party.

The protesters later marched in Jalalabad and Herat, and warned that Pashtun youths will take action if the Government failed to do so. Later the supporters of Afghan Mellat drove a campaign in Paktia arranging $200,000 as bounty for the head of Dr. Latif Pedram. Following this, the government banned the Congara-e-Milli and ordered “Comments about former kings, President and Jihadi leaders are not allowed.” It failed to do anything about the threatening move by the supporters of Afghan Mellat party in placing the bounty on Pedram’s head.

Dr. Pedram is now under de facto house arrest beside Abdul Rashid Dostum. If it was not so, people fear Pedram would have been beheaded by now. In an interview with Khorasan Tv Dr. Pedram had said “Amanullah Khan distributed the lands of Northern and Central Afghanistan (Hazaristan) to his Pashtun ethnics mass displacing the other ethnics of Tajik and Hazaras”.

Congara-e-Milli has strongly rebuffed the abusive language against Amanullah Khan and Pashtuns in the alleged audio clip saying the sound recording is a dubbing-game and their opponents (Afghan Mellat) has created it artificially to remove Dr. Pedram from their way. Some newspaper reports suggest the entire story is backed and master-minded by Karzai administration just to avoid Dr. Pedram contesting the upcoming elections. Some circles believe that nationalist Pashtun masterminds fear Dr. Pedram is a danger for their ethnic’s hundred years continued oppression of other ethnics in Afghanistan. People also blame Karzai administration is nowadays peaking ethnocentrism as proved through his policies appeared within last couple of months. Karzai did not take any notice of the Behsud Massacre of armed-Kuchis’ invasion. Members of civil society blame Karzai has filled the Cabinet with the members of a particular ethnic, Pashtun. Finance Minister, Anwarul Haq Ahady is a basic member and leader of Afghan Mellat Party. A former employee of Finance Ministry told Hazaristan Times “He (Ahady) has kicked all the non-Pashtuns out of the Finance Ministry changing it to a sub-office of Afghan Mellat”. Before coming on Finance Ministry portfolio Ahady  was the President of The Bank of Afghanistan (State Bank). Some circles also notices that Ahady, during his Bank portfolio ordered the currency printing in Pashtu. They reason to check currency note of any value, that is all in Pashtu while Dari is also a national language of the country. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai–a Kuchi leader ( Kuchis dominate Afghan Mellat Party) and the present Chancellor of Kabul University–has been criticized. The critics say the University is being influenced by ethnocentrism. Hazaras cry they have nil representation in judiciary. On the other hand Tajiks also blame Karzai for tribalism saying that he (Karzai) took all the major ministries of Defense, Interior, Finance and Parliamentary Affairs from Tajiks filling those with his fellow Pushtoon ethnics.

Coming back to Pedram, on Thursday July 30 thousands of protesters demonstrated on roads in Baghlan in favor of Dr. Latif Pedram. They were condemning the death Fetwas of Pedram by Paktia Pushtoons arranging bounty of $US 200,000 on his head. Dr. Latif Pedram is a Tajik liberal-minded political figure, a poet, a writer and Chief of Congara-e-Milli striving for Federal System in Afghanistan–the only way out of ethnic conflicts. He has received many international awards.

Hazaristan Times believes Western powers and foundation layers of Afghanistan should concentrate upon the ethnic face of Afghanistan. They should pay attention to this side. We also believe in freedom of expression morally and politically supporting Dr. Latif Pedram for his outlook. It is an anti-democratic behavior to ban any political party or leader for just criticizing any former ruler. All should have the basic human right to express themselves. We also strongly condemn the fascist behavior by some elements fueling ethnic conflicts placing bounty for the head of Dr. Latif Pedram. Karzai Regime has to be highly criticized for putting Dr. Pedram under house arrest and banning his party. All the patriot people of Afghanistan are urged to support freedom of expression and stand against ethnic conflicts and fascism. All the responsible abovementioned elements should be sued in case anything happens to Dr. Pedram.

Hazaristan Times is of the view that Federal system of Government is the only permanent and long-effective resolution to the decades ethnic conflicts in Afghanistan.

Why does Western media keep-mum on the real ethnic face of Afghanistan?

Some questions arise in every mind in Afghanistan that why the Western media does not give coverage to the ethnic conflicts and Karzai’s ethnocentrism. Is it because they only concern the deaths of foreign troops and Taliban?

Comments by Dr. Latif Pedram over Kuchi barbarism in Behsud killing dozens of innocent villagers.

Another thoughtful article by Dr. Pedram about Federal system and the name of Afghanistan


  1. A bigger steps need to be taken in influencing the attitude and decisions of the government and international communities from our own side. This is very obvious that the government, UN and majority of other agencies have an interdependent political objectives and definately they disbursed the funds for Afghanistan to Pashtoon area as those are their strategic area. The future of non pashtoon particularly Hazara depends on his own currages to have its own self reliance long term plan to mainstream all their political, social and developmental activities with the bigger power who could support them.
    The Behsood case should not blurred in the history and let not the tactics of media affect it. There are still allot for us in government that we can benefit from and the biggest one is the constitution, justice, rule of law, local governance that can allow us raising our voice. Local policy and human right policy is the channel through which we can go ahead to talk with almost all important powers. The foolish Pashtoon have gun in hand and being supported by policy under the authority of Pashtoon leaders. Right at the moment if we could not hold gun in hand and authority in government we can influence policies and decision making.
    The current cabinet is opportunist and team of looter. They lost all their credit and status and lost the hope of collecting vote due to poor performance during their government and definitely they know by them self that the people never vote them even allot of Pashtoon because they neither could do for Pashtoon nor for others. Now they just try to use another tactic to fool their own Pashtoon that looks the last asylum for getting their support base on rasing their bias. Now they are trying to make feel the Pashtoon identity and power are in danger that in actual is fake tactics. Their concerns are not Pashtoon but instead their own power and positions. As the tactics looks like very useful that is why they are using this as powerful tool for reserving their power. If they would really in favor of their Pashtoon they could make the Pashtoon not burn their own schools not destroy their own land and not burn the food aid going to Pashtoon. They could do it but they don’t. As we know that those in power don’t care of scarifing all the people in Afghanistan becaus of their power.
    The game of power ruining the life of poor people who just need a peaceful life where they are but the political power use them with their clever tactics and most of the time are the agent of other countries.
    According to me it is not all Pashtoon but few opportunist that make use of Pashtoon bias as tactics. I think all nation in Afghanistan can live together if the right people come to power instead of a team of looters.

  2. Khoshhalam az inke belakhare yek vebgaah dar mowrede Hazarehaa peyda kardam.

    Piruz va movaffaq bashid.

    Mohammd az Tehran

  3. Hazaras are our brothers. They have suffered alot during the last 250 years, we know this because we have also suffered. The land grab by Nadir family, butcher Abdul Rahman Khan, Amanullah Khan and eventually the Taliban and Kuchis is not a new issue. We have to stand firm by the side of Hazara Sisters and brothers and defend them. Dr. Latif Pedram is right to have expressed his sympaty with them. We share everything with the NOBLE and hard working Hazara brothers. We share the same culture, language, religion and eventually the pain with them. No one can separate us.

    Tajik From Kabul

  4. latif padrem is a criminal (for being member of KHAD) and agent of iran. people like him have no place in Afghanistan.


  5. slam
    i am agree with mr padram. but this is not happned in north also in hazarajat. mijn question is from all can we leave with pashtoons in one afgh? azmoda ra azmodan khata ast. how can you people trust karzai he is also pashtoon. i think mainly we hazara people must think for our independent hazarajat. otherwise we sufferd and we suffer again thnks

  6. Latif Pedram is a criminal and this article is one sided. Latif Pedram is from the new generation of Setamis who are in favour of disintegration of Afghanistan through foreign support particulary being Iran.

    We can’t blame everything on Mellatis and accuse them without hard proof.

    First you have to bring proof forward then accuse individuals. When the Northern Alliance criminals were holding all the major ministries everyone was quite but now that few Pashtuns are holding the Ministries we have people accusing them of following Pashtunization of Afghanistan.

    Everyone is to be blamed for Afghanistan’s misery including Tajiks and Hazaras.

  7. In the name of Bamiyan……….
    Dr. pedram is a Great son of khurasan zameen and his every word should be followed…..he is an ambitious and focused person …. whose line and length is at least known …. and as far as kuchi anvasion is concerned in todays world animals are so civilized that they respect each others limits and existance but in case of pashtuns it is reversed…..they have proven them the ever most uncivilzed creature … they have not a single word of civilization in their so called 250 years history… before this 250 years even they dont have a single book , a monumant, not a glass of water from their ancestors, some times they be son of khalid baba (khalid bin waleed) some times Qais baba ,sometimes Arian which is proved wrong by modern DNA researchs coz it can take millions of years to convert from white (German) to Arabic like(pashtuns)…not 2000 years…some other time they become Jews…..whatever… they are not of this land…..they are immigrants….and pashtunization is far far away this name of Afghanistan has no legitmecy…..and is not acceptable to any of the nations residing in khurassan zameen and yaghistan…….
    Zinda abad Khurasaan Zinda Abad Yaghistan…..
    Ba Amman e Bamiyan……

  8. salam
    khaili khush hal hatam az inke aqaie muhtaram dr latif pedram barai azadi va hoqoqe beradaran hazara enqadar talash mewarzad,
    umedwaram dr pedram hamentawr ba fa’aliat hai tahseen aamiz va azkhodguzaranai shan edama bedan, inshaala kamyab khahand shod,tmami mardyme tajek,hazara,uzbek…wa ghaire pasheton ba aeshan ast,va nazaryat va rahe aeshan ra taaqeeb khahand namod!!!
    zenda wa jawedan bad dr latif pedram…

  9. dr padraam is a great man .

    • drud be shoma bozorg mardi tarekhi afghanistan ke ba en shija at va shaha mat dar bra bari pashtunha be tanhey estadid zonde bashid va paend , afghanistn be chinin shakhsiyethaey shadidan neyaz mand ast)

    • drud be shoma

  10. drud be shoma bozorg mardi tarikhi afghanistan

  11. Dr latif pedram is such a great man . he is a legend , his every word is truth.he has always worked hard and struggled to bring peace and hope to afghanistan ; but unfortunately the unlatered people of afghanistan could not understand him , kharzai be sawad, sayaf , rabbani, is good for this stupid people….. for knowing and understanding what Dr pedram say , you need at least 11 0r 10 grade education . we , the people of afghanistan should be proud of him for what he has done for us in the journey of his career …… we should support him and should follow his way .

  12. i fully agree with the assertion that there has been a lot of injustice committed against our hazara brothers and sisters. I am pretty sure most people in our beloved afghanistan have realized this and reminding people of our country about the rights of each and every ethnicity is something that we need to promote

    However, we have to be mindful that overemphasizing of this bitter experience is counter productive and would cause undue harm to our national unity and won’t be in our advantage in the long run. Our aim should be to be vigilant in the defense of our rights as Afghans, but avoid attaching all the problems and issues to a whole different ethnicity, realizing that this “paiting a whole ethnicity with the same brush” was the cause of a lot of our problems to begin with

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