Posted by: Editor | July 29, 2008

Kuchi Invasion Continues: 4 Gunned Down in Behsud

Why the Afghan and International media do not see such horrific pictures of Kuchi barbarism???

Why the Afghan and International media do not see such horrific pictures of Kuchi barbarism???

Kabul: Four people were gunned down in Behsud by Kuchi invaders still present in the area despite an evacuation order issued on July 17 from President Karzai.

Three of the dead were buried on Monday, July 28, in Dasht-e-Barchi, West Kabul. They were Behsudis from Kabul who were were visiting their hometown when they were shot dead by Kuchis, reported Ayena and Farda TVs. Hundreds of people, including Mohaqiq and Akbari, participated in the funeral procession of the martyrs.  The fourth martyr was buried in Behsud.

An estimated 300,000 people took to the streets of Kabul last week to protest against Government’s inaction on Behsud invasion by armed Kuchis. Media reports indicated that Kuchis are gradually evacuating from the vilalges–Eyewitness accounts, however, suggest the contrary.

According to reports, the Kuchis are still ruining the pastures of local people and engaging in killing of those displaced people who attempt to return to their villages. Presently, an estimated 20,000 displaced people are away from their villages.

Media Partiality: Despite the major scale of the displacement and the serious nature of the unrest caused by the armed Kuchis, local Afghan media have been surprisingly silent. All major national TV networks have largely remained silent–even international outlets such as the BBC, VOA, CNN and others have by and large ignored covering the issue. This has led some to suspect that the correspondents for these foreign media agencies, who are mostly local Afghans, find it difficult to move past their ethnic loyalties to provide fair, impartial coverage to the issue.

Pajhwak: Pajhwak Afghan News agency is one of major Afghan news agencies; it provided an almost no coverage of the Kuchi invasion. Their reportage and editorial stance show clear ambivalence toward what is an issue of national importance, giving partial, unprofessional coverage. In a display of ethnocentricism, they have entirely ignored the human cost of the atrocities pertetrated by the invading Kuchis on the people of Behsud, and have mostly echoed presidential statements and decrees.


  1. Thanks for very profesional steps taken towards criticizing other media. I hope you will keep writing on in emphesizing on this issue even better to have an exclusive contact with the important medias.

    Mowaffaq baashin

  2. I pay my condolences to the family of Behsud who lost their loves one by the cruel Kuchi invaders.

    I believe they are not only the Kuchis, there are the Taliban’s power behind the Kuchis who supply weapons and encourage them to mistreat and persecute the Hazara. With empty hand Hazaras can not do anything to defend themselves, the only way to escape and refuge to be survived.

    I strongly believe if Hazara people of Behsud had the weapon the Kuchis would not be in Behsud right now to burn down the villages and displace thousand of Hazara people. Our leaders have not done enough to help the situation. When ever the new powers come to power in Afghanistan Hazara people are the very first Nation to put their guns down and get on with it. We trusted other Tribes of Afghanistan and the pointed government of Afghanistan so quickly and we never learnt the lesson for decades to forecast the consequences. That is the tragedy we faced and they are many on the way to come and hit us again and again. In Afghanistan the conflicts between the Tribes are beyond trust, we have trusted them so many times and what we got big atrocities and massacres our innocent people.
    As we have our Hazaragi proverbs:
    کاه بی دانه ره باد موبره

    I don’t know as Hazara man what would be our future like in Afghanistan?


  3. God bless the souls of the innocent Hazaras. Hazaras have all the rights to protest against all the injustice acts. No one can stop them from this right. We demand all Pashtuns who can read and write to educate their people. If they are Humans and especially Muslims they must act like Muslims. Hazaras who gunned down were never asked if they were Sunnies or Shias. They were killed just because they looked like Hazaras (Asian looking). This has nothing to do with beeing Shite or Sunni. This is all about ethnicity.
    Islam teaches us:
    1. Be good human beings.
    2. Don’t steal (In Afghanistan Hazaras are looted every time possible) We demand our Pashtun brothers to deserve the qualities of Muslims. Otherwise I have the right to say that you are not a Muslim. Or you are not provided the basic teachings of any 4 books of God. Please pay attention on this part. We want peaceful lives. We want to help. Even Hazaras can come and establish schools in your areas if you deal good.
    If Pashtuns want us to be good, they (Majority good ones) must teach the remaining minority Kuchi Pashtuns + Talibans to be good Muslims. Otherwise no one would trust in their din or iman. If not belief, be a man. What kind of bravery it is to come and stab some one. If you want Hazaras behave good do good to them. We are humans and God has given us this life. And to secure our lives we would do any thing possible. Don’t expect goodness if you can’t be good. You have no rights to steal even from so called Kafirs. In real Islam it is not allowed. You can not kill any human. Because you don’t give the life. All we demand is PEACE. CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND??????
    3. Treat the humans
    We are treated from early schools. We are told we have small eyes, We have small noses, We ate mice, We are foreigners, We are barbaric [In the time of Chengiz Khan who believed to be Barbaric, the roads were secure for lengths. No one was looted. And there was discipline better than today’s most so called Muslim Countries] We have all the rights to ask for help from all our kinsmen including Mongolia, Kazakistan, Kirgizistan, Azerbijan, Turkey, Turkmanistan, Uzbekistan, Japan, Nepal and Nepali Gurkhas, Indonesia, Native Alaskans, Red Indians (Who are Mongols) Korea even China. We would tell them that these people hate people with small eyes and noses no matter what they belief in Muslim [Shia, Sunni, Deadly Wahabi doesn’t matter] Christian, Hindu, Budist, so on.
    4. Peacefulness: The meaning of Islam is of course Peace and stability. I wonder what kind of Islamic teachings are taught in Madrasas by the wahabi Arabs and their servants. It is not Islam. Soon there will be God’s punishment for these extremists who do criminal acts behind the dress of Islam.
    Hazaras should go to Karzai (A Pashtun) and Mulla Omar and ask what Hazaras can do to please Pashtuns.
    And present these options:
    — Let Pashtuns, Tajiks come and rob Hazaras both physically and Orally. Hazaras are targetted orally most of the times. And when not satisfied are sprayed by bullets. What kind of world is this??????? We need a country of our own. Did Taliban enjoy death from above? We also don’t like to be killed un alarmed and beeing stabbed in the back. If you don’t want us come out on streets like Hazaras did and deny existance of HAZARAS. Then we would think about it seriously. But please don’t stab us in the back.
    — Should a Child have an option to born eaither Hazara or Non Hazara.
    — Should Hazaras help Osama Bin Laden who massacred Hazaras in thousands? And who betrayed USA. A betrayer deserv death. Baba Chengiz also disliked Betrayal. We hate to Betray our great Hazara nation.
    — Should Hazaras help foreign troops against Afghans? Just like Pashtuns were helped by Britians against the Hazaras. It was Pashtun Najibullah who shook hand with Russia.
    — Should Hazaras Leave Afghanistan? Will this help Pashtuns? I don’t think so. Pashtuns have more than 60 sub tribes. And the early Hazara revolt was helped by the Tyrant Abdulrahman’s own cousin. So, after Hazaras leave, you fight among yourselves because it is in your blood to love weapons more than any thing. Without weapon and men power you feel thin. Sorry to say these things but you are killing us. Whis is not your right. And by the way Beeing a Muslim we are all children of Adam and Havva. Why do Pashtuns and all the others who fear Hazara Existence forget about this muslim theory? A Muslim can live any where. Boundries have no meaning for them. So why Hazaras can not live in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran? Why do you laugh at our appearance? Isn’t it un Islamic? Shame on you. I think it is all about money, oil and land these days. No Islam at all.

    At the end we Hazaras want to clarify few things:
    — NO human on the Earth has paid for the lands they live on. The only owner of the Lands is Allah. And Allah sells no land. Allah says all humans are equal. If in the Past Hazaras were treated good, today they didn’t want to live in groups and near mountains. It is a matter of great shame for all human communities who made Hazaras become so united in such a way in this modern era. And then call Hazaras the fascists? Who forced them to be Fascists? All humans spread to the globe from Africa. We are all Africans where Adam and Havva were dropped. I think it is true not a political oriented story. So we all moved from one corner of the globe to other. Hazaras don’t beg. They earn with their work. So no body should be acting like their master.

    After all these tragedies and massacres you still expect us to be good. Well, we still love peace. We respect honourable humans and nations no matter muslim or non muslim. An honourable man can not be unjust. So let us live and live in peace. Otherwise we will try to find ways to live in peace.
    Regards to All HONOURABLE PASHTUNS, BALUCHS, IRANIANS, AFGHANS and PAKISTANIS. PLEASE try to be a country with ruling power able to maintain peace and harmony. Stop murderers from killing the Hazaras. We assume that Muslims know the meaning of ISLAM.


    Dear Hazaras start it from your home. Solve your neighbours problems. We die in unity is what we want. Dying without unity means nothing. Best regard.
    Powerful Shaman.

  5. The Pashtuns find it easy to ambush and pulla trigger but an unarmed Hazara won a bronze medal against the World Champion. What a great pity that ethnic conflict is, yet again, causing so much hurt and misery. The veracity and credibility of the present Government and Pres. Karzai is in serious doubt-worldwide. No amount of propaganda can change that.

  6. We, Hazaras deserve peace, unity, happiness, brotherhood among us and to struggle for our security in our country free Afghanistan.

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