Posted by: Editor | July 26, 2008

Batoor Photo Exhibition

visitors at the opening ceremony.

visitors at the opening ceremony.

Kabul: A Photography exhibition titled “Insight Afghanistan” was held on July 19 at the French Cultural Center in Kabul.

The exhibition was inaugurated at 2pm. The exhibition will continue until July 30, opening daily between 8am to 5pm at Malik Asghar Square, Lycee Istaqlaal, French Cultural Center in Kabul.

A large number of visitors, mostly foreigners, were present at the opening ceremony, highly praising the talents of Barat Ali Batoor, the professional Hazara photographer and organizer of the exhibition. Forty-six photographs, showing life from different angles in the war-ravaged Afghanistan, were on display.

Barat Ali Batoor is a young Hazara professional photographer who has been organizing similar photo exhibition in Kabul and foriegn countries, including Australia and Japan. He has won numerous honors and awards. He is a respected professional photographer in Afghanistan. Batoor’s photos have been published and exhibited on many national and international venues and journals, including India Today, Qaurterly Photo Line Magazine, Asia Pacific Triennial, Queensland Art Gallery and Outlook Afghanistan.

The following are some of his exhibitions:

  • 2008: “Providing Safe Drinking Water in Afghanistan” — sponsored by Danish NGO DACAAR at French Cultural Center Kabul.
  • 2008:A Broken Heart” — held at Gen. Muhammad Musa Hazara Inter College Quetta, Pakistan.
  • 2007 “A Window to Bamiyan” — held at French Cultural Center Kabul.
  • 2006 5th Asia Pacific Triennial Queenland Art Gallery Brisbane, Australia.
  • 2005 JICA Contest in Tokyo, Japan.


  1. We all Hazaras of the are proud of our new generation for having such a talented Photographer among Hazaras. Barat Ali Batour best of luck for your good future.
    Special thanks for sharing the of the daily news with us.

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