Posted by: Editor | July 25, 2008

Protest Rally in Mazar against Kuchi Invasion

Mazar-e-Sharif: Thousands of Hazaras came out on roads on Thursday in Mazar city protesting Government’s inaction against Kuchi barbarism in Behsud killing more than 15 vulnerable villagers.

The protectors marching from Shrine towards the office of United Nation’s Assistance Mission in Afghanistan chanted slogans and displayed placards demanding of Karzai to resign. They handed over an 8-Points demand resolution to UNAMA official criticizing it for keeping mum on Kuchi invasion of Behsud and Daimirdad Districts.

The Demand Resolution included intervention of United Nation into Behsud Massacare demanding an inquiry into the incident and action against the responsible circles in the Government backing Kuchis with arms for thier devilish political and ethnic aims. The protestors later dispersed peacefully.

It may be mentioned a huge protest rally was organized in Bamiyan on Monday 22nd July in harmony with Kabul protestors against Kuchi invasion in Behsud.  Thousands of protestors marched down from Rah-Bar e Shahid Masjid towards UNAMA office. A similar protest rally was organized in Yakawlang.

Men and women protesters marching towards UNAMA Office in Bamiyan.


  1. This is a bit late it should have happened at the beginning of taliban’s attack on behsood and other parts of hazarajat. I don’t understand why our politician tack action so late. These protest should go on until all the demands of hazara people are full filed.
    it is so good to see that our society is changed in terms of man’s view towards women, i am so happy to see women participants in the rally. we must include women in every part of life, politics, education, sports, because more then half of our population is women, if they stay inactive more then half of human resource go to waste.

    At the end i still support these rallies, if it was done earlier it would have had batter impact and could save those people’s life that are now martyred.

    for ever Hazarajat
    god bless Hazara

  2. […] Hazaristan Times covered those protests, and now posts on yet another protest rally in Mazar-i Sharif and Bamiyan: Thousands of Hazaras came out on roads on Thursday in Mazar city […]

  3. Hello…

    I am really proud on this action of the public that have came out from their houses and they show a unity in them so it is a very positive point for the nation and for the people of this country.


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