Posted by: Editor | July 22, 2008

Over 300,000 People Marching Towards UNAMA Office

Kabul — The Protest rally has started early in the morning. People are joining the main procession taken out from Kot-e-Sangi, coming from different parts of the city. About 300,000 protesters have come out on roads on the call of Usad Mohaqiq protesting against the Kuchi invasion in Behsud and Daimirdad districts.

The protesters, chanted slogans against Karzai, saying “Down with the Fascist.” They are marching down towards the main office of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

Security situation is fearful. A suicide blast rocked the city early in morning when a bomber rammed into a Police Checkpost in front of Bagh-e-Babur.

Note: Out reporter is in rally reporting. Latest updates are coming.


  1. Wish them peace and success from Allah

  2. […] rally that stretched unbroken between Kot-i Sangi and Deh-Mazang, with the entire avenue clogged (one source put it at 300,000 strong.) In what is surely an unprecedented practice in Afghan public and […]

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