Posted by: Editor | July 22, 2008

Karzai Says Kuchi Crisis Solved, Warns Protesters to Stay off the Streets

Karzai says the Kuchi invasion crisis is now solved after he ordered Kuchis to evacuate Behsud.

Karzai says the Kuchi invasion crisis is now solved after he ordered Kuchis to evacuate Behsud (File Photo Courtesy AFP).

Kabul — President Hamid Karzai said in a statement that the Kuchi invasion of Behsud has been solved, and warned the protesters  due to take to the streets in Kabul today to stay off the streets.

A press statement issued from Karzai’s office said that the government has ordered the Kuchis to evacuate  Behsud. This has, the statement said, effectively solved the standoff between the Kuchis and the people of Behsud.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from the Directorate of National Security (Riyasat-e Umoomi Amniyat-e Milli) warned protesters in Kabul to stay off the streets, citing the improvement of conditions in Behsud after the evacuation order. Syed Ansari said: “According to intelligence reports we have received, the enemies of the nation want to turn the peaceful demonstrations violent by sabotage and acts of terrorism. We respectfully request the dear citizens to stay off the streets and to continue with their daily activities in order to prevent any untoward incident.”

He cautioned the organizers, “We warn the organizers of the demonstration that if there is any security issue at the protest, they will be held accountable for it.”

A protest rally is due to be held today, July 22, in Kabul against the invasion of Behsud by the Kuchis. The protest is organized by Ustad Mohaqiq and other concerned citizens. A large turnout is expected.

In a statement on July 17, Karim Khalili was quoted by Pajhwok News Agency as saying that the situation in Behsud was calm after President Karzai ordered the evacuation of Behsud.

Meanwhile, Ustad Mohaqiq has continued his hunger strike over the Kuchi invasion for well over a week. Doctors from the Ministry of Publich Health have declared his condition critical. Despite pleas from several high-profile politicians, Mohaqiq has so far refused to end his hunger strike, saying he would end it when the Kuchi invasion is effectively solved.

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