Posted by: Editor | July 22, 2008

Exclusive Pictures of Kabul Protest Against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud

Hazaristan Times presents exclusive pictures of the peaceful protest held on July 22 in Kabul against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud. Hat tip to Barat Ali Batoor for the images (


  1. […] Click here for pictures of the protest […]

  2. […] Click here to see exclusive pictures of the protest […]

  3. Justice and equality will not come easy. Discriminations created in centuries will not diminish overnight. With the help of God and your resistance against tyranny, you will gain your rights as equal and honorable citizens of Afghanistan. Your awareness will nullify the dark conspiracies of Afghanistan enemies. Those that their ideologies and visions do not extend beyond tribalism of the stone ages should know that they will no longer be tolerated. Government and the army should act as national assets of Afghanistan instead of tribalism, and defend all its citizens from any tyranny and injustice, regardless of race, religion, or gender. Abusive and discriminatory policies of the past centuries has created deep wounds in the souls of minorities in Afghanistan. These policies must come to an end, and affirmative actions must be undertaken by the government and international community to improve the historically disadvantaged minorities. Hazara minority which historically are the most discriminated and disadvantaged citizens of Afghanistan should be encouraged.
    Kohcis for the first time were sent to Hazarajat in the last decade of 18th century by Abdul-Raham (reigned 1880-1901) as part of his ethnic cleansing campaign against Hazara people. Afghan Kochis must be settled per the article 14 of the Afghanistan constitution, so that they no longer can be abused by the poised minds and enemies of Afghanistan against others.
    Let’s hope for the days that all Afghans live in equality, brotherhood and peace. All Afghans of thirsty for peace and love; let’s not withhold it from each other. But this require to first pass beyond the tribalism and find the national identity and unity. Pashtuns, Hazaras, Tajiks, Uzbeks and all others living in Afghanistan, are all Afghans. The only way to leave together in peace is tolerating and accepting each other. Leave in peace, unity and love, and you shall see prosperity and comfort like no time you have seen in Afghanistan.
    Wish for others what you wish you for yourself.

  4. Political awareness and activism should be paralleled by right of self-defense…No land owned by Hazaras should be allowed by land grabbers… Strategic gains on political tables may be possible only after strong position on ground and that will come after bloodied nose for few..

  5. Why should we call our self only hazara. In my opinion we should call ourself hazara mangol. Because history proves that we are mongol and still we have mangolian word in our language. the benefit of calling ourself hazara mongolian is that we will gain political power we will get backup of five official mongolian countries. there will be mor bigger business oppurtunities for our ecnonomic stability.when all mangol accepting us as Hazara mangol why shouldn’t we proud to be mangol and extend our hand for unity.
    we have been very loyal and have mad big sacrifice in the name of Shia sect and they took advantage of our believe and sacrifice like iran arabs, we will continue our believe in Shia sect but we should not allow any one to take advantage of us in the name of religion. We should change our direction and be able to recognise our friend and and our enemy. try to learn from the past and adress the future. If we want to defeet our enemy we should use their own strategy against them.

    there two opinion about hazara

    1. we came under the leadership of Owghooz Khan from mongolia for exploration 2500 years ago but i disagree with this because we need to prove this that we have been living in this area, which we don’t have . No one agree in the world on this issue with us it does not make sense
    2. is that we came along with Changaz Khan’s army and we have the history and everyone accept and agree with us.

  6. […] dell'UNAMA, parlando con loro delle incursioni. Il giornale hazara ha pubblicato delle bellissime foto. Infine, il Presidente Karzai ha ordinato l'evacuazione dei Kuchi, che in base alle […]

  7. Ilaf Jan:

    I appreciate your comments only as your personal view. Its too early for you and any body else to claim that HAZARAs are the offspring of Genghiz Khan.

    Secondly even if we call ourselves Hazara Mongols it does not make any changes, we can’t get the support of Mongolian Countries for we are not an independent nation with independent country, we are part of Afghanistan, and therefore we can come to contact with other countries only through our government. So it does not make any difference.

    I suppose much search is required and needed to prove these claims.

    But, in my personal view, we are not the descendants of Genghiz, though we have Mongol blood, which doesn’t make it necessary to be of the Khan himself.

    We are the natural inhibitant of Afghanistan and mostly of Turkish origin mixed with mongols later on..

  8. […] here our coverage of last years crisis and pictures of the mass protest in Kabul against Kuchi Invasion of Behsud. Usage of the projected-word Central Highlands for […]

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