Posted by: Editor | July 20, 2008

Mohaqiq’s Exclusive Interview With Hazaristan Times

Doctors from the Ministry of Public Health declared Mohaqiq’s health feebled due to his hunger strike against the Kuchi invasion of Behsud, now in its sixth day.

Hazaristan Times interviewed him exclusively on Saturday, July 19, at 9PM at his residence, where a large number of people was visiting him to inquire about his wellbeing.

Hazaristan Times (HT): Why have you chosen hunger strike to demonstrate your protest being an ethnic leader and former Jihadi Commander?
Mohqiq: I chose to sit on hunger strike because I believe in democracy. We are not afraid of death and also can take up arms, but we do respect the efforts made by the international community and United Nations for peace and tranquility in rebuilding Afghanistan. My hunger strike would continue till my death. I cannot tolerate watching my people being massacred or their lands occupied. The hunger strike is aimed to draw the attention of the United Nations and international community towards the Fascist Karzai Government and the vulnerable Behsud villagers.
HT: How is the current situation in Behsud?
Mohqiq: Kuchis had invaded First Part and Second Part of Behsud District, burning down homes of thousands of people and killing about dozens so far. They have caused a human catastrophe by displacing 20,000 refugees who are living in the worst condition in Kabul and other areas after fleeing their lands and leaving behind their possessions. The Kuchi leaders in parliament say they would not leave the occupied lands.

HT: What has been the Government’s reaction to the Behsud invasion?
Mohqiq: Government has been keeping mum on the terrorists’ attack on vulnerable people of Behsud and Daimirdad Districts; rather, the ethno-Fascist Government is supporting the Kuchis. “Jogi aga Batorr shuna Khanay khu chur muna, Karzai Hazara ra chur muna”.

HT: Karzai condemned and condoled the deaths of people in Nuristan. Why didn’t he do so for the people of Behsud?
Mohqiq: Because they are Pushtoon and Karzai is a fascist. How could he condemn those being supported by his office?
HT: What do you see of the result of invasion? Will the hunger strike bear fruit?
Mohqiq: I do not expect Karzai and his fascist circle to calm down and punish the Kuchi terrorists. My hunger strike would continue until my death. I have already warned that the condition may result in a full-scale civil war if not resolved. Now the ball is in the court of the UN and the international community. My nation [the Hazaras] will continue to live up to its commitment made at Bonn Conference.

HT: Why UN and international community have not noticed the invasion yet and not condemned Karzai Government’s tribalism?
Mohqiq: The major reason behind this is that local media is controlled, while most of them and International media have no access to the mountainous highlands to report and catch the humanitarian tragedy with their cameras. The second reason is that international community has invested on Karzai and they hear and believe him unaware of his fascist ethnic face. Karzai himself has been saying that Taliban are my Pushtoon. I wish Taliban was my army. He calls to save the Pushtoon of the other side of the Durand Line.

The new UN representative in Afghanistan, Kai Eiden, is weak. He is pressurized by Karzai. UNAMA Representative Christopher Alexander was the only person from the UN who visited me before I went on hunger strike. Christopher said UNAMA strongly condemns Kuchi invasion on Hazarajat.

HT: You have been accusing the Human Rights Commission for being controlled by the Government. Why has AIHRC been quiet on the Behsud massacre?
Mohqiq: I have already expressed my criticism over AIHRC, contacting its Chief who says they have not received reliable news of Behsud despite the fact that thousands of displaced people are in the worst condition under the open sky in Dasht-e-Barchi and other parts of Kabul.

HT: How are the other people of Afghanistan, Jihadi leaders and party chiefs taking this issue?
Mohqiq: Jihadi leaders, political figures and their people have been visiting my residence assruing me of thier support and condemning the Kuchi invasion. Muhammad Younas Qanooni, leader of the lower house of Parliament, visited me today, assuring me of his political and moral support to my nation. Similarly, Burhanuddin Rabani visited yesterday and expressed his deep concerns over the Kuchi invasion of Behsud and expressed his grief for the lives lost in Behsud massacre. The parliament is off nowadays otherwise it would also voice some concern.


  1. Thanks you very much Dear brother Abbass Diar for your honest timely efforts in raising voice in favor of our affected brothers in Behsood. While a surprising silent has been seen agains the cruality in media even in net that is the most convinient way of raising voice. There are too many sites from our brothers in Dari Language but no effective news are being posted on due to not be able to get updated news. You are making our voice heared to the world in International language ‘English’ that for sure would be very effective.
    There are some critisizing psychos who are posting a very immature comments without understanding the sensitiveness of the situation. I think we are passing by very critical moment that required us to focus on favoring those who are feavoring our people in Behsood who ever those are. It is not the time to through dirty on each other. Keep your political criticism for its suitable time to post it that really could put a positive impact. As we know criticizm is to construct or to help others to correct by mentioning the negative points not to make the situation worst then before. Please be selfless while you are talking about nation just keep the benefit of people in your periority.


  2. I hate to say what I am thinking right now but I have to say it –
    Before I read the wiritings I looked at pictures…Wow! Nice house I must say! He has served his nation alot and it is the fruit of it!
    In place like kabul living like a prince really requires great effort. Still there is something bothering my mind and breaking my heart when I see the pictures… I better move towards what is written rather than staring at expensive sofa+bed***

    Well said –
    Ok , now about his hunger strike;
    I completely condemn what Kuchis & govornment of Afghanistan -PM-are doing; and I do support what we are responding to this widly action of Kuchis…!
    Thanks Daiyar!

  3. It’s so wicked of Karzai government and his Kuchis. Thanks to Hazaristan Times. Please help further spread the news:

  4. Sallam Ghawma
    حالتان چطور است . این اولین بار است که به وبلاگتان می آیم . از آشنایی با شما بسیار خوشحالم . امیدوارم موفق و سربلند باشید . به امید دیدار..آزاد

  5. Well what should I write ? It is September 03 – 2009. We saw Muhaqqiq and Khalili stood for Karzai’s re -election.Thanks to the noble people Hazara who whole heartedly supprted Ramazan Bashardost rather than Karzai.

    Same thing happened during the election of the president of arliament when most of the Hazara members of parilament supported Yunus Qanuni rather than Sayaf the worstenemy of the Hazaras but at that point an ally of Mohaqqiq.

    Though I am not a Hazara but I am proud to be one of their supporters and see them exersicing their rights in a very smart manner and say “No!” to sold out leaders.

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