Posted by: Editor | July 18, 2008

Hundreds Join Mohaqiq in Hunger Strike As His Health Deteriorates

KABUL-Muhammad Mohqiq is on 5th day of hunger strike protesting against Kuchi terrorists’ invasion of Behsud and their massacre of Hazara villagers. Delegations from Jaghori, Qarabagh, Ghazni and other places have been visiting Mohaqiq, and over 200 youths of Kabul have joined him in the hunger strike. Other people will sit on hunger strike at Kote Sangi from tomorrow, Saturday July 19, 2008.

Qazi Abdul Sadat, Political Advisor to Hizb-e-Wahdat, said a team of doctors from Public Health Ministry has declared Mohaqiq’s situation ailing with low blood pressure. Officials have been insisting Mohaqiq to end up the hunger strike, but he has rejected.

He warned of civil war and widespread voilance if Karzai kept supporting Kuchi terorrists. Kuchis are occupying parts of Behsud, killing dozens of innocent people, and displacing thousands of others.

Ustad Mohqiq strongly condemned the biased media for not covering the massacre of Behsud. He strongly criticized Independent Human Rights Commission saying it has kept mum, just watching the catastrophy.

He again warned of Civil War if high-level intervention did not occur. He added that Hazaras once gave arms to Taliban and than to DDR but Kuchis are unbound of the DDR and disarament law being backed by Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Karzai Government.
NOTE: Hazaristan Times has monitored the leading media sources around the country finding no one is giving sufficent coverage of Behsud massacre.


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