Posted by: Editor | July 18, 2008

General Dostum condoles with Mohqiq on Behsud massacre

KABUL – Deputy Chief and Central Committee of Junbish-e-Milli Afghanistan (Dostum) condoled with Ustad Mohqiq on the demise of dozens of vulnerable villagers during Behsud Massacre by Kuchis on Tuesday.

The committeeconveyed deep grievances of General Dostum, the Chief and Founder of Junbish-e-Milli, about the incidents of Behsud. It transferred the message of General Dostum, strongly condemning the Kuchis’ invasion of Behsud District which resulted in the loss of many lives and displacement of many families.”

The envoy added, “We are, and will always be, with you.”

Ustad Muhammad Mohaqiq, thanking the sympathy of General Dostum, said, “We do not believe in such catastrophic invasion by a handful of Al-Qaeda and Taliban Kuchi terrorists in the presence of US-led coalition forces.”

He added, “Some renegade people were armed and then named Kuchi. Law, DDR, DIAG, ANA and police forces are unable to hinder them.”


  1. […] la fine delle ostilità. È riuscito a raccogliere il sostegno di persone insospettabili, come Abdulrashid Dostum e nel volgere di pochi giorni sono stati in centinaia ad aderire alla sua […]

  2. سيصدو پنجاه تن مرد و زن و پسر و دختری که فرهاد خان کرنيل، از مردم
    طغايی بوغا، وغيره مردم جاغوری اسير و دستگير کرده در غزنين فرستاده بود، حکمران آنجا بکابل فرستاد. مردان شان همه بقتل رسيدند و زنان و دختران و پسران شان از بيست تا بيست و يک روپيه بنام کنيزی و غلامی به امر امير عبدالرحمان خان فروخته شدند. پول حاصله از فروش آنها و اسرای بعدی به مصرف دولت رسيد..

    مطلب ذیل از ویب سایت کاتب هزاره گرفته شده است.

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