Posted by: Editor | July 16, 2008

Mohqiq on Hunger Strike, appeals UN’s intervention to avoid Behsud massacre

KABUL – Haji Muhammad Mohaqiq, Member of Parliament, leader of Afghanistan Hezb-e-Wahdat and prominent Hazara Leader is on hunger strike protesting Kuchi’s (nomads) invasion on Behsud District of Maidan Wardak Province.
On 3rd Day of his hunger strike, 17th July, he strongly condemned the Government for keeping mum on massacre of tens of vulnerable villagers in Behsud District where armed Kuchis backed by Taliban have burnt down homes and looted livestock of the people destroying their pastures. He accused the Govt. and President for backing Kuchis for the upcoming presidential elections gaining their support and votes.
He said “over 15 villagers including children and women have been gunned down while 20,000 persons have been displaced fleeing the barbarism of Al-Qaeda and Taliban supporters”.
Mohaqiq expressed disappointment towards human rights organizations, media and UN for not taking any serious notice of the invasion and strongly appealed the international community, human rights organizations and United Nations to intervene and avoid Kuchi nomads massacring the people of Behsud District.
Replying to a query, he said his hunger strike is to draw attention of the international community and coalition forces towards Behsud massacre and implementation of DDR and DIAG on Kuchis disarming them. He also called on the stakeholders to settle Kuchis resolving the issue on permanent basis. Chairman Parliamentary Committee for Education, Cultural and Religious Affairs, Mohaqiq added he would continue his hunger strike till the Govt. do not take any strong action against armed Kuchis.”
Last year on June 23, 2007 there was a giant peaceful public demonstration in Kabul against the Government to resolve the “Kuchi Headache” for ever
“The international community, NATO led coalition forces, United Nations and Human Rights’ organizations are needed to look into the matter and get rid of the problem”. He emphasized the NATO led coalition forces are needed to implement DDR and DIAG on Kuchis (nomads) disarming.


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