Posted by: Editor | July 16, 2008

Civil Movement of Afghanistan (NOMA) inaugurated

Kabul: A new political party Civil Movement of Afghanistan (NOMA, Nehzat-e-Madani-e-Afghanistan) was inaugurated on Friday 11th July. The inagural session consisting of speeches, press confrence and lunch was held in presence of about 500 including ministers, members of parliament, NGO representatives, political leaders, scholars, journalists and students.

Engineer Akram Gizabi, speaker and member of leading committee, said NOMA is a new birth in the political scenerio of Afghanistan. It would strive for social justice, freedom, equality and brotherhood. He detailedly highlighted the background, purpose and mission of NOMA.

The other speakers, talking about civil society, its rights and responsibilities, included Fareed Khuroosh, Durdana Fazayli, Dawolat Shah Poyesh, Hassina and others.

At the conclusion a Press confrence was held during which Tv and print media journalists asked many questions in this regard.


  1. I think the establishment of NOMA is a great
    steps taken towards the development of Afghanistan, and I and some of my fellows are interested in becoming members of this organziation. I wounder how could we meet them? I would like to have an address or
    phone number.

  2. […] London Report Courtesy NOMA […]

  3. I think people like us from out side should send
    there thoughts and suggestion in this side.It helps
    the readers and the writers to have line of communications.My suggestion is to til the people
    like me more about our great nations Hazara.Let them hear our voice.

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