Posted by: Editor | July 10, 2008

Muhaqiq says: Civil war if Kuchis’ dispute not resolved

KABUL – Haji Muhammad Muhaqiq leader of Hizb-e-Wahdat has warned on Wednesday that if the land dispute between Kuchi nomads and Hazaras was not solved parts of the country might face a civil war.
In a press confrecne, he said the government must step up its efforts to ensure a peaceful solution to the land and pasture dispute in Maidan Wardak province between the two ethnic groups. He added a ceasefire reached between the two sides a couple of weeks back was violated on Tuesday by Kuchis in Behsud district of the central province. He said that four local Hazaras were killed and as many were wounded in attack by Kuchis on Tuesday.
Afghan National Army and police forces intervened after the two sides clashed in April, killing dozens on both sides.
Mullah Tarakhel, head of the parliamentary commission for problems of tribal clans and Kuchis in the lower house rejected Muhaqiqs remarks.
He said three Kuchis, a young man, a child and an elderly man, were killed in the attack by Hazaras in addition to seizure of 350 cattle heads.
H said: We don’t favor killing of either party, neither Kuchis and nor Hazaras. We all are Afghans. The defense ministry must send more troops to the area to prevent clashes.



  1. […] story that would grow in significance: Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, a Hazara Member of Parliament, first warned that the Kuchi incursion would lead to civil war if it was not resolved, then began a hunger strike […]

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