Posted by: Editor | June 30, 2008

Seminar Marks Fayz Mohammad Katib’s 80th Anniversary

Kabul: A two-day seminar titled “Fayz Muhammad Katib Hazara: The Father of Modern History of Afghanistan” was held in Kabul to mark the 80th anniversary of Fayz Katib Hazara at the Educational University of Kabul under the joint venture of the Ministry of Higher Education, Kabul University’s Faculty of Education, History Department, Afghanistan Academic Sciences, Katib University of Kabul, Professors of Kabul University and the Cabinet.

Ustaad Khalilullah Jamili, Managing Director Cultural Department Educational University Kabul, mentioned about the reconstruction of the mausoleum of Fayz Katib Hazara by the Ministry of Information and Culture, establishment of an palace, building and/or organization on the name of Katib by the Government and translations of his works in other languages. Prominent books written by him includes Siraj-ul-Tawarikh (Five volumes), Tohfaul Habeeb (Three Volumes), Fayzi Az Fuyozaat, Tarikh-e-Hukmayee Mutaqadimeen Az Haboot e Adam Ta Baasat e Hazrat Essa (A.s), Nizhad Nama e Afghanistan wa Tazkira al Inqilaab.

He said Fayz Muhammad Katib Hazara was born in 1862 in Zardsang village, in the Qarabagh District of Gazni province. He completed primary education from village mosque and school. He moved to Lahore and Peshawar (then in India), Iran and Iraq for his higher education. He had excellent command on English, Arabic, Urdu and Pashto.

Mr. Jamili further said that Katib Hazara was not only a prominent historian but also an excellent artist. Katib also had vast study in social sciences logic, communication, history, literature, Arabic, Fiqa, palmistry and geography.

Contributors of the Seminar presented their essays about Katib Hazara from many aspects.

Vice President Muhammad Karim Khalili assured that the Government would take all out steps to dig out the unmarked prestigious efforts of Katib Hazara. He added the books would be republished and research projects would be arranged in this regard.

Muhammad Mohqiq, leader of the Hizb-e-Wahdat, in the second day of the seminar, said that the Government must further the work on Fayz Katib, equipping the new generation with a knowledge of him and his intellectual contribution in the country.

Another similar seminar would be held in Bamiyan on July 1, 2008.

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  1. I think that this is a very good work done the by the organizers of this seminar and to say that they are going to republish the work of this great hazara scholer and historian is excitting and stoshing. that our your generation will know about their histry.
    that all those who are doing some thing for the cause of hazaragi and hazara people, thank you

  2. I strongly believe that this is a very great job done by those who have organised this seminar and mentioned about our great scholar Faiz Muhammad Katib Hazara and also his prestigious books. I really appriciate them for thier great job.


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